KPN launches pan-European mobile service

10 Mar 2005

The Dutch operator KPN is launching a new pan-European mobile service provider which it says will benefit multinational businesses. KPN says its new Sympac division will provide corporate customers with one port of call for all their mobile services across Europe. KPN has its own mobile operations in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium and says Sympac will negotiate favourable rates with operators in other countries to offer a pan-European service. Customers will receive one bill for all their international usage and will have a single point of contact, one contract and a uniform service level across Europe.

Sympac’s managing director, Brian Stout, commented: “Multinational corporate customers have the same requirements as smaller companies: clarity, predictability, simplicity and control on costs. We are increasingly being asked to provide the services we already offer in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium in other countries.”

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