HTIL turnover up 48%

8 Mar 2005

Hutchison Telecommunications International (HTIL) has announced a 48.1% increase in turnover for the year ended 31 December 2004 to HKD14.96 billion, on the back of a 47% increase in its customer base to 12.6 million. The group’s operations in India generated 47.4% of total turnover, whilst Hong Kong contributed 42.9% (mobile 24.8% and fixed 18.1%) and Thailand 8.1%. The publication of the results coincided with an announcement that the group had terminated talks to buy Aircel, a mid-sized cellco in India, after it failed to gain regulatory approval for the deal. As it stood at the start of 2005 HTIL claimed 7.2 million customers on the sub-continent, each generating an ARPU of INR589. In Hong Kong the group’s customer base grew by 12.2% to 2.2 million; at the end of December the group had over 1,350 3G cellsites in the SAR, giving it 99% population coverage.