Chunghwa cuts prices in ADSL push

4 Mar 2005

Chunghwa Telecom hopes to add 650,000 new ADSL connections in 2005 by cutting the cost of entry-level broadband services by TWD150 per month to TWD400 from April. Chunghwa currently has 610,000 dial-up internet access accounts and is targeting this group for upgrade to the starter-package 256k/64k broadband service. The move is in line with the government’s plan to provide 4.6 million Taiwanese users with broadband by end-2005. Chunghwa had 3.071 million ADSL subscribers at the end of 2004 and, based on it achieving its 81% market share, it will need to boost this to 3.726 million by the end of the year. The incumbent also plans to encourage users of its 2Mbps/512k or 256k service to upgrade to 8Mbps/640k services, for a minimal additional monthly charge, to help reach its goal of 300,000 8Mbps users by end-2005.

Taiwan, Chunghwa Telecom