BT, Siemens and Nortel hook-up to boost VoIP

3 Mar 2005

BT says it will team up with Siemens and Nortel Networks to enable multi-national customers to use VoIP-based connectivity and benefit from cheaper or even free calls. The trio will provide infrastructure, technical support and ongoing maintenance services to increase global reach and help customers prepare for the smooth transition to IP voice and data networks. BT’s traditional revenue generator – basic voice services – is under increasing pressure from alternative operators and VNOs. By turning its focus to value added services it hopes to retain its place on the international stage. VoIP allows users to route voice traffic over the internet in ‘packets’, allowing them to circumvent the PSTN – a particularly cost-effective solution for multinationals with a high volume of international calls.

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach)