TOT Corp jumps on ‘one-baht-per-minute’ bandwagon

16 Feb 2005

State-backed fixed line telco TOT Corp has joined the growing list of Thai operators running a ‘one-baht-per-minute’ campaign, in a bid to match the promotions of private mobile firms such as DTAC and True Mobile (TA Orange). For the remainder of 2005 TOT Corp is offering the flat-rate promotion for all customers using its pre-paid cards at public phone booths; the standard tariffs for long-distance calls are THB3, THB6 and THB9 per minute. The company is also extending its VoIP offering until 30 June, under which customers can benefit from a maximum charge of THB2 per minute for a call. The company has seen increasing numbers of fixed line customers lured away by the cellcos’ low-cost campaigns. It hopes its initiative will boost the sale of pre-paid cards from eight million per month to 20 million for the duration of the promotion.