PTC benchmarks performance of 3G network

15 Feb 2005

Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa (PTC), Poland’s largest wireless operator, has awarded Lucent two contracts. The first is to audit and provide benchmarking data for its 3G network, while the second is a maintenance contract for its SDH microwave radio-based backbone network. PTC, which claimed 8.5 million customers and 38.1% of the total Polish market at the end of 2004, launched an UMTS service in August 2004.

In a separate but related story, Deutsche Telekom has exercised a call option to acquire the shares owned by Elektrim in PTC, in accordance with the Vienna arbitration decision which found that the German telco had first call on the stock, ahead of Elektrim Telekomunikacja, a joint venture between Elektrim and Vivendi Universal.

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