Alcatel and ZTE climb into bed

15 Feb 2005

French equipment vendor Alcatel has signed a deal with its Chinese counterpart ZTE that will see the two companies expand their respective product portfolios into new geographical markets. According to the Financial Times, Alcatel is keen to tap into ZTE’s expertise in the CDMA equipment arena, whilst at the same time gaining a new localised partner for its continued push into the emerging markets of the Asia-Pacific region. Meanwhile ZTE is hoping to use Alcatel’s entrenched position in the European telecoms market as a springboard for launching its portfolio of CDMA products across the continent. ZTE’s management has hinted that the Chinese vendor may announce similar partnership deals with other western European vendors later in the year. Over the next five months the company is planning a major marketing push to promote its third-generation W-CDMA product portfolio to telcos in ten European countries. It already has deals in place with Portugal Telecom and Greek operator OTE.

China, France