2004 profits rise for Telmex

8 Feb 2005

Mexican operator Telmex has reported a 16.4% rise in net income to MXN27.5 billion (USD2.45 billion) for 2004, while full year revenues were up 12.9%, standing at MXN138.8 billion. EBITDA also increased by 4.8% to MXN66.6 billion, while operating profits rose 4.5% to MXN43.6 billion. During the year, Telmex invested a total of MXN31.7 billion, MXN13.4 billion of which was spent on acquisitions, MXN16.8 billion on its Mexican infrastructure and MXN1.52 billion on infrastructure in the rest of Latin America. The operator added 1.5 million lines during 2004, to take its total to 17.2 million at the end of the year, up 9.5% on 2003. Its total number of internet accounts increased by 20% to 1.7 million; it added an average of between 40,000 and 50,000 broadband customers a month in the year to take the total broadband users to 560,000.

Mexico, Telefonos de Mexico (Telmex)