Nokia targets Asia-Pacific in 2005

3 Feb 2005

Nokia is taking a dual-pronged strategy in an attempt to consolidate its number one position in the Asia-Pacific handset sector. The Finnish vendor says it plans to target the top end of the market with a range of new W-CDMA 3G phones, while it also intends to cater for lower end customers by producing a range of affordable handsets with value added features such as cameras and localised content. Peter Ollikainen, Nokia’s regional director of business line management, said at a press conference: “One of Nokia’s focus areas this year is to bring W-CDMA to the masses as the technology becomes a reality in Asia-Pacific markets.” He added that the low-end devices are expected to be a success in highly populated but relatively poor markets such as Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Nokia shipped 207.7 million phones in 2004 and ended the year with 32% of the global handset market.