Oskar still first in line for third 3G licence

17 Jan 2005

The Czech government announced on Friday that it has launched a tender for the country’s third UMTS licence. The concession is priced at CZK2 billion (USD86.3 million) and will be offered initially to Oskar Mobil (the brand name of Cesky Mobile), the third-placed cellco which currently holds around 20% of the mobile market. If Oskar has expressed no interest in the licence by 4 February 2004 the state will carry out a public tender, to finish at the end of June. The country’s other two mobile operators, T-Mobile and Eurotel, acquired 3G licences in 2001, paying CZK3.8 billion and CZK3.6 billion respectively, but Oskar rejected the offer at the time claiming the price was too high.

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