Royal Mail enters telecoms fray

10 Jan 2005

The UK’s Royal Mail service today launched a residential wireline service under the banner ‘HomePhone’, to which it hopes to have one million customers within three years. In a statement the company claimed that the new service would offer savings of up to 20% on the standard offering from dominant telco BT, with the added bonus of customers receiving a single bill for both calls and line rental thanks to the recently installed Wholesale Line Rental legislation, under which customers no longer have to pay a separate bill to BT for their home phone line. Customers will pay GBP11.50 a month for line rental (or GBP10.50 by direct debit), with calls being charged on a per second basis. Cable & Wireless is providing the network infrastructure for the service, with customer care and billing provided by Servista and call centre support services by Inkfish Limited.