Far EasTone invests USD38 million in electronics retailer Arcoa

7 Jan 2005

Taiwanese cellco Far EasTone says it has paid TWD1.21 billion (USD38 million) for a 55.3% stake in Arcoa Communications, a group which retails consumer electronic goods, including PCs and communications-related products, on the island. The two plan to jointly market wireless services in 2005, with Far EasTone providing MVNO services for Arcoa to brand under its own name. They will also cooperate to promote 3G services, both in the cellco’s 370 outlets and in the retailer’s 300 stores across Taiwan.

Far EasTone has also linked up with Hong Kong-based China Motion Telecom to provide MVNO services later this year. China Motion is the second telco, after Taipei-based Hicall Telecom, to receive an MVNO licence in Taiwan. It plans to offer low cost mobile services over Far EasTone’s network for Taiwanese expatriates in China.

Taiwan, Far EasTone (FET)