Tele2 awarded GSM/UMTS licence in Croatia

4 Jan 2005

A consortium backed by Tele2 of Sweden has been awarded a dual GSM-1800/UMTS licence to offer services in Croatia – the third such 3G concession awarded there. Croatia is home to 4.4 million people and its existing 2G operators VIPnet and T-Mobile Croatia (formerly HTmobile) have signed up over 2.75 million subscribers between them, a cellular penetration rate of around 60%.

In a separate story, Tele2 says it has purchased Votec Mobile, an AMPS/D-AMPS operator serving the prosperous region of Voronezh in the south of the country. The acquisition of the cellco is a logical step in Tele2’s expansion in Russia. Votec Mobile also holds a GSM licence and has deployed a limited test network in the city of Voronezh. As a result of the deal, Tele2’s licence footprint now covers 33.3 million Russians.

Croatia, Tele2