eircom on the VoIP trail

22 Dec 2004

Irish telecoms incumbent eircom is to launch voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) services in early 2005, joining a growing list of companies keen to jump on the bandwagon for IP telephony services. The telco initially plans to target large corporations that already possess sizeable inter-site data communications needs, but hopes to roll out a version of the technology to SMEs and consumers later in the year. The launch has been made possible through a partnership agreement with Cisco, which has supplied most of the operator’s IP network since 2001, and French company NetCentrex, which provides solutions for operators looking to deploy VoIP systems. The VoIP market has seen a surge of interest in recent years with players like Vonage, SIPphone and Net2Phone leading the way in encouraging users to switch to IP-based telephony.

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