Bercut helps launch Ekaterinburg 2000 into SPACE

13 Dec 2004

Bercut, a vendor of intelligent communications service platforms for the telecoms industry, says it has delivered a new content management centre solution –dubbed the service provider access centre (SPACE) – to Ekaterinburg 2000 (MOTIV), which operates wireless services based on AMPS/D-AMPS and GSM-1800 technologies in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia. The deployment of the SPACE solution will allow the operator, which markets services under the Motive banner, to offer value added services (VAS) supplied by major Russian and international content providers. Bercut says it currently has eight content providers, including Moscow-based Infon, supplying VAS such as ringtones and logos, Java and SMS games, SMS chat and questionnaires, and hopes to increase this number to 20 next year.

Russia, MOTIV (Ekaterinburg-2000)