Asia-Pacific leads worldwide CDMA growth

11 Nov 2004

International industry consortium the CDMA Development Group (CDG) said yesterday that the number of worldwide CDMA users reached 227 million by 30 September 2004, a rise of 29 million in the third quarter of the year. Around 15 million of the new users in Q3 were reported as being signed up to CDMA2000 services. CDG went on to say that Asia remained the leading region in terms of CDMA users with 96 million subscribers at the end of the period – 42% of the global total. Korea was the leading Asian country with 36 million users, ahead of China with 25 million. Elsewhere, North America showed strong subscriber growth of 17 million in Q3, bringing the region’s total CDMA base to 88 million, while Latin America and the Caribbean reported 39 million.