Nokia says imitation is not so flattering

4 Nov 2004

Nokia is taking legal action against rival handset manufacturer Sagem, claiming that the French company has copied its designs. According to a Financial Times report, Nokia says Sagem’s flagship myX5-2 model is too similar to its own 6000 series phones. This is the first suit filed by Nokia which hinges on handset design, highlighting the increasing importance manufacturers are placing on their own brands and designs. Although Nokia’s handset sales dwarf those of Sagem, with the Finnish company shipping 142 million handsets in the first nine months of this year compared to 15 million by the French company, Sagem claims to be the leading supplier in its home market.

Meanwhile, the Finnish manufacturer has also filed a separate complaint against Spanish handset company Vitelcom. Nokia says Vitelcom has infringed on patents covering GSM and GPRS technologies and is seeking an injunction to stop Vitelcom distributing phones. It says it may also claim monetary damages.