FT upbeat about Q3

28 Oct 2004

France Télécom (FT) has revealed promising results for the third quarter of 2004, with revenues growing by 3.5% year on year to EUR12.05 billion, beating expectations of EUR11.95 billion. Of the total, Orange accounted for EUR5.18 billion, up 10% on Q3 2003, Wanadoo EUR0.73 billion, up 8%, and its fixed line business EUR5.37 billion, a fall of 1.3% on the previous year. Equant’s revenues also fell by 7.2% to EUR0.59 billion, while Polish subsidiary TP SA saw an increase of 2.5% to EUR1.06 billion. EBITDA for the quarter rose by 3.9% to EUR4.86 billion.

FT also saw strong growth in customer numbers during the quarter, adding a total of 1.9 million subscribers across its operations. Its wireless arm Orange saw year-on-year subscriber growth of 11.2%, to take its total base to 52.2 million. Of the total, 20.6 million were Orange France customers, up from 19.6 million the previous year, and 13.9 million were Orange UK users, up from 13.4 million. FT’s internet arm Wanadoo saw rapid broadband growth, with the total subscribers growing to 9.2 million, up from 8.9 million in 2003; 4.7 million were French customers. Its fixed line division, however, was not as successful, with the total number of lines in service falling by 0.4% to 33.7 million at the end of September.