Azeri ministry flexes muscles over Karabakh region

28 Oct 2004

The Azeri Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies has informed Karabakh Telecom that it must apply to it for a licence if it intends to provide wireless services in the area. The region of Nagorno-Karabakh, a predominantly Armenian populated region in Azerbaijan, has been the scene of decades of major ethnic tension, with Armenians fighting for independence, supported by troops and resources from Armenia proper. A ceasefire agreed in 1994 failed to deliver a lasting solution, and a decade later ministers from both countries are still attempting to resolve the situation amicably. In 2004 the foreign ministers of both countries met in Strasbourg to discuss Armenia returning some of the Karabakh regions to Azeri control, in exchange for the re-opening of transport links; a resolution has still to be reached.

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