US Court of Appeal upholds ruling against the Uzan family

26 Oct 2004

The United States Court of Appeal has affirmed the 31 July 2003 judgement by the New York District Court for USD2.13 billion in favour of Motorola and against the Uzan Family of Turkey. The original ruling found that the Uzans fraudulently induced Motorola to make loans to their wireless subsidiary Telsim, stole the collateral given to Motorola to secure the stock (ie stock in Telsim), filed false criminal charges against Motorola executives and stole at least USD1 billion from Telsim for personal use. The Appeals Court also upheld the District Court’s ruling which ordered that the Uzans to be arrested and imprisoned if found within 100 miles of New York, until such time as they purge their prior contempts of court. Motorola is currently pursuing the Uzans worldwide assets, including the family’s private jet, prestigious London properties and luxury apartments in midtown Manhattan in New York City.

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