Mobile phones taking bigger role in the home

25 Oct 2004

The world’s largest mobile handset maker Nokia has completed a study into phone usage patterns, the findings of which make gloomy reading for fixed line service providers such as BT. The Finnish firm said its research showed that more and more people are using their mobile phone for every call they make, and that over 45 million people in the UK, Germany, the US and South Korea now only use a mobile. Almost 70% of people interviewed in the UK said that they kept their fixed line phone because call charges are lower, although very few could give fixed and mobile tariff comparisons. A similar proportion of interviewees in the US and Germany said they still used their fixed line for most of their needs because it was more reliable than their mobile connection. In South Korea, however, 65% of those questioned said they already make most of their calls from a mobile, and 18% said they would not get a fixed line installed if they moved house.