Siemens selects Qualcomm for 3G chips

20 Oct 2004

The US mobile phone chip manufacturer Qualcomm has struck a deal to sell its wideband CDMA technology to the world’s fourth largest handset supplier, Siemens of Germany. Qualcomm already leads the market for its own cdma2000 technology, which is being deployed by 3G operators in Asia and the Americas, but the firm has been looking to make a splash in Europe where operators are rolling out W-CDMA networks.

Siemens says it plans to introduce its first 3G phones based on Qualcomm chipsets in the second half of next year. The deal between the two companies is non-exclusive, so Siemens is free to buy chips from other manufacturers; in the past all its 3G chips have come from the former Motorola unit Freescale Semiconductor.

Germany, United States