KDDI on song for killer app

14 Oct 2004

Japanese mobile operator KDDI is preparing to launch what it believes will be the ‘killer’ application for next-generation networks. The company is introducing a service next month which allows full-length songs to be downloaded to mobile handsets, with users initially having a choice from around 10,000 songs on six websites. 20 record companies have already been signed up to provide music content.

According to the Financial Times, downloads will cost several hundred yen each, equivalent to a few dollars, and on KDDI’s CDMA2000 high speed network will take between 30 and 40 seconds. Advanced handsets can store up to 60 songs and these can then be transferred to a memory card.

Tadashi Onodera, KDDI’s president, says the “ground-breaking” new application will be a “defining service” for his company. If successful in Japan, the service could well spread to other 3G markets, where operators are all eager to generate revenues to recoup the cost of licences and network rollouts.

Japan, KDDI (au)