Orange squeezes UK staff numbers: supremo quits

11 Oct 2004

Orange plans to cut a number of jobs in the UK, although it has declined to say exactly how many will go. The company is reorganising its UK operation to refocus on ‘customer needs’ and says the job losses will not affect ‘customer-facing activities’ such as call centre and retail staff. Orange added that the plan was in the draft phase at the moment and that it could not confirm numbers until it has completed a consultation process with its staff. It currently employs 13,500 people in the UK.

In a related story, John Allwood, the head of Orange UK for the last four years, is to quit his post to take up a position as executive director within the Telegraph Group. Mr Allwood has a long pedigree of working in the newspaper industry and the appointment is seen by many as a sign that there may be a radical overhaul ahead for the company.

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