Aliatel’s owners in hunt for potential buyers

28 Sep 2004

Shareholders in Czech alternative telecoms operator Aliatel are reported to be in talks with several potential suitors over plans to sell the company. The sale – of stakes held by six domestic power companies and RWE of Germany – is being managed by ABN Amro Bank in London. It has thus far attracted interest from Czech TV and radio broadcaster Ceske radiokomunikace (CRa), telecoms providers GTS and eTel, and several financial investors. Aliatel’s owners failed to sell the company to Energis in January 2001 and recently conducted a debt-for-equity swap which raised its capital from CZK2.2 billion to CZK5.47 billion. Aliatel leases a fibre-optic network on the high-voltage power grid of regional power distributors and national power utility CEZ. In 2003 the operator posted a net loss of CZK791 million on turnover of CZK2.5 billion.

RWE controls 39.72% of Aliatel. The remainder is distributed between Severomoravska energetika (12.53%), Jihoceska energetika (11.66%), Jihomoravska energetika (11.66%), Zapadoceska energetika (11.66%), Prazska energetika (6.39%) and Severoceska energetika (6.39%).

Czech Republic