Concession award cancelled

6 Sep 2004

Moldova’s Constitutional Court has annulled the July 2004 award of a cellular licence to InterDnestrCom, a company from the Transnistrian breakaway region. The court was asked to investigate the award after the Moldavian President, Vladimir Voronin, suspended the licence at the end of July after accusing the regulator of affording preferential treatment to InterDnestrCom. The court has ruled that the decision by Moldova’s National Regulatory Agency for Telecommunication and Informatics (ANRTI) to award the 15-year CDMA licence to the Tiraspol-based operator was illegitimate on the grounds that it did not follow official procedure. For example, details of the licence tender should have been published in the Monitorul Oficial (official gazette), but were not. The ANRTI is expected to relaunch the tender sometime in early 2005.