MCI unveils European DSL solutions

20 Aug 2004

MCI is targeting the European internet and IP VPN connectivity market for business customers in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK, with the launch of three managed DSL access solutions. The addition of DSL to its portfolio will enable MCI to offer a wide range of wide area network (WAN) options including leased line, dial-up and DSL. The managed DSL solutions are: MCI Internet & IP VPN DSL Office, which is suitable for single site companies or a single site of a multi-site corporation with up to 150 employees; MCI Internet & IP VPN DSL Solo, which is a multi-user solution for businesses with up to 20 staff; and MCI Internet DSL Remote, which is designed for homeworkers and people on the move. The packages are available with a variety of SDSL and ADSL bandwidth options.