Sending pictures through MMS = poor quality – official

17 Aug 2004

Research from UK-based mobile data technology developer Cognima has confirmed that sending a photo via the MMS picture messaging system results in a loss of image quality. The company’s report studied the quality of pictures sent from the latest batch of megapixel camera-phones to online photo albums using MMS. It concluded that on all four UK mobile networks, when sending a photo using the default ‘small’ MMS setting the photo’s resolution was reduced by a factor of 50 – from 1152×864 pixels for the original photo to 160×120 pixels for the sent image. Cognima repeated the test in ‘large’ MMS mode and found that, consistently, the image was reduced by a factor of four, leading many to concur that even in large mode the quality of photos sent from the phones using MMS to be ‘below print quality’. The study is a blow to MMS which was lauded as an answer to the problem of getting photos from one phone to another.

United Kingdom