Hong Kong kids top mobile usage charts

9 Aug 2004

A new survey from research company Taylor Nelson Sofres (TNS) has shown Hong Kong to be home to the highest usage of mobile phones amongst six to 15 year olds across the Asia-Pacific region. The survey of overall mobile usage trends, which was conducted in twelve countries, showed that 29% of Hong Kong children have a mobile phone, followed by 25% in Australia and Japan and 24% in both New Zealand and Singapore. In contrast, the report also found that text messaging is less popular in Hong Kong that the other eleven markets studied. According to TNS’ findings, Hong Kong mobile users send an average of just 23 SMS messages a month, compared with 124 in China, 219 in Singapore and 466 in Philippines. The report’s authors claim that this is largely due to the fact that Hong Kong lagged behind most of its Asian neighbours in introducing inter-operator SMS legislation.

Hong Kong