Corporate internet use surges

30 Jul 2004

Ecuadorian telecoms regulator Suptel has released figures showing that the country’s 53 ISPs served a total of 8,334 corporate internet customers at the end of June 2004, a rise of 82.6% from three months previously. During the same period residential internet use rose by just 3.1% to 106,034 accounts. The leading ISP serving the business community is currently Lutrol, which had 2,866 accounts at the end of June, ahead of Suratel (1,776), Andinatel (799), Megadatos (488), Prodata (377) and Satnet (298). Andinatel leads the way in the residential market with 31,701 customers, or 30% of the market, followed by Punto Net (6,369), Telconet (4,961), Conecel (4,514), Consulsysnet (2,687), Megadatos (2,541) and Suratel (2,375).