E-Plus gears up for August 3G launch

27 Jul 2004

German wireless operator E-Plus Mobilfunk is to launch a full-blown UMTS network to the consumer market on 16 August following the successful rollout of its data card for laptop users in June this year. The company is planning to market the service on the strength of video streaming, video downloads, video calls and other audiovisual media, with its chairman Uwe Bergheim saying he hopes to benefit from ‘the emotional impact of high-quality moving pictures’. The launch is being supported with several packages and a choice of handsets including the Sony Ericsson Z1010 and the Nokia 7600. Moreover, the cellco is launching the service with free video streaming and downloads with i-mode until the end of 2004 in a bid to stimulate interest. At launch the new network will be available to customers in over 160 towns and cities nationwide.

Germany, E-Plus Group