Marconi squeezes out European rivals in AUD300 million Telstra deal

23 Jun 2004

UK-based equipment manufacturer Marconi has emerged successful in the race to upgrade Telstra’s core network with fibre-optic technology, winning more than AUD300 million worth of contracts over three years to leave European rivals Siemens and Alcatel empty handed. The long-term project will see the majority of Telstra’s 2.5Gbps optical network upgraded and new equipment installed to enable the telco to offer both traditional voice telephony and advanced data services. The three firms were short-listed from a tender document issued last November and had all previously supplied equipment to the national PTO under contracts due to expire by the end of this month. One of Telstra’s primary objectives is to supply ‘fibre to the desktop’ by stripping out old twisted pair connections and replacing them with fibre.