ICE acts to meet demand for GSM

12 May 2004

Costa Rica’s state-owned fixed and mobile provider Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), which offers wireless services via its ICE Celular unit, says it plans to boost subscriber capacity on its GSM network by 200,000 lines to 600,000 through an agreement with Alcatel. The expansion will meet rising demand for GSM phones, although according to Alcatel, it will only take place once certain existing coverage and traffic problems are resolved. ICE says it has capacity of around 100,000 connections on its TDMA to meet demand in 2004 before the upgrade is finished. Local press reports also say that Ericsson is poised to enter the local market in March 2005, at which date it will provide a further 600,000 lines to facilitate growth in 2005-06.