BT plans cut in broadband fees

30 Apr 2004

Following yesterday’s damning indictment on its broadband access charges by Ofcom chief Stephen Carter, BT Group has said that it plans to cut its tariffs ahead of any official ruling by the regulator. The UK’s dominant telco said it will reduce the prices charged to ADSL service providers when they sign up customers from other suppliers, and will also make it cheaper for service providers to move their existing customer base from a BT IPStream-based service to one based on BT DataStream. The cost of switching a customer from one BT IPStream-based supplier to another used to cost GBP35 per end user, and for moving a customer from a BT IPStream based service to one based on BT DataStream, the company used to charge GBP50 per end user. Under its new proposals, BT will charge a single uniform migration fee of GBP11 (EUR16.83) per end user from 1 May 2004.

United Kingdom, BT Group (incl. Openreach)