Another day, another global mobile alliance

20 Apr 2004

According to the Financial Times, several of the world’s top mobile operators such as Vodafone and Orange are in talks over the creation of a new global alliance to secure more favourable concessions with handset makers and software developers. The tie-up, which also includes Telefónica Moviles, Telecom Italia Mobile and T-Mobile, is looking to introduce a new mobile operating system (OS) to compete with the Symbian and Microsoft platforms, and will also seek to formalise ‘minimum levels of functionality’ for new handset models with manufacturers such as Nokia and Motorola. The alliance is also said to be keen to adopt Savaje Technologies’ open-plan OS for mobile phones which it hopes will become the preferred standard for all units purchased by alliance members. Critics fear that if the proposed alliance goes ahead it will destabilise the OS market, currently dominated by Nokia-backed Symbian.