ADSL boosts broadband internet sector

29 Mar 2004

Portugal’s communications regulator Anacom has said the number of broadband internet connections nationwide grew by 93% to 500,000 in 2003, driven by a dramatic rise in the popularity of ADSL. During the year the number of ADSL customers grew by 255% to 184,000, whilst the number of households taking broadband internet services via cable TV networks rose by 52% to 315,000. Anacom claims that broadband now accounts for 7% of all internet access connections in Portugal, with the remaining 93%, or 6.7 million, comprising mainly narrowband dial-up accesses. 52 companies are registered to provide internet access services in Portugal, of which 25 are operational. During 2003 the penetration of internet services in Portugal rose from 49.6% to 69.3%, whilst the broadband penetration rate grew from 2.5% to 4.8%.