TELESTET gets a TIM-ly makeover

18 Feb 2004

Greek GSM network operator STET Hellas has changed its brand name from TELESTET to TIM, to dovetail with the wider European brand image of its parent company Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM). Mauro Sentinelli, the managing director of TIM, said the joint initiative was a ‘means through which we intend to demonstrate the total integrated framework within which all our subsidiaries and associate companies operate throughout the world in order to generalise the capacity for innovation and the development of new services’. The move to adopt the TIM brand could benefit STET Hellas in what is a mature and competitive Greek mobile market. At the end of September 2003 it was the third largest mobile operator in the country with 2.75 million subscribers and a market share of 25.3%, and was falling behind newer operators – Vodafone Greece and OTE’s mobile arm Cosmoté in the battle for market share. However, having launched a commercial UMTS network in Athens and Thessaloniki on 27 January 2004, its TIM makeover has come at good time to help STET Hellas steal a march on its rivals.