Deepest, darkest Peru...but no more

9 Feb 2004

Peru’s telecoms industry regulator Osiptel says it plans to provide rival companies with partial access to incumbent operator Telefónica del Peru’s ‘last mile’ infrastructure, in a bid to drive up competition in the local telephony sector. Osiptel hopes new entrants to the local market will drive down prices, and to facilitate this, the regulator plans to allow customers to select their service provider of choice for local, long-distance and fixed-to-mobile calls through pre-paid and post-paid calling cards. The new carriers will each be given a unique prefix carrier code and consumers will be able to access them by dialling 15 plus the carrier code. Analysts predict that the decision will impact heavily on Telefónica del Peru, which has already had to deal with carrier pre-selection in its ILD and national calls market. Although the PTO will benefit from interconnection revenues, it will face stiff competition from the likes of Mexico’s Telmex, which plans to launch services this month having recently acquired AT&T Latin America.