NCC bans telcos from undercutting cellcos with limited mobility services

27 Jan 2004

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has banned fixed line operators from charging less for limited mobility services than for standard fixed line calls. A number of the country’s GSM operators have long protested that fixed line telcos are entering the mobile market through the back door by offering limited mobility services without holding a licence for mobile communications, with many undercutting the cellco’s prices by as much as 80%. Now the NCC has sided with the cellcos and said that fixed line providers must charge set tariffs for their services, regardless of whether they are fixed or limited mobility. Whilst the ruling has been welcomed by many, a number of cellcos want the NCC to go a step further and ban limited mobility altogether, saying that the phasing out of limited mobility was part of the terms agreed when GSM licences were awarded in 2000.