SAR hints at licence fee cuts

12 Jan 2004

The Hong Kong government is contemplating moves to cut the cost of annual fees for fixed line carriers operating external telecommunications only, from HKD500,000 to HKD200,000, while mobile carriers could see the cost per mobile station dropping from HKD24 to HKD20. The proposed reductions, which reflect the decreased administrative costs of regulating the external communications services market, would benefit over 20 operators in the country.Lower mobile fees would profit all 2G and 3G licences holders as well as radio trunk operators, radio-location service operators, paging companies and MVNOs. The unit cost of overseeing the provision of mobile services has dropped in direct relation to the dramatic rise in mobile subscribers. By the end of October 2003 there were 6,218,684 cellular subscribers, up from 4,943,574 in December 2000.

Hong Kong