Cofetel demands stiff penalties for Telcel and Unefon

9 Jan 2004

Mexico’s telecoms watchdog Cofetel is urging the communications ministry to levy stiff financial penalties on two of the country’s mobile operators Telcel and Unefon for pointedly failing to comply with quality standards published last August. The regulator wants to fine the cellcos up to USD2.56 million for refusing to adopt new norms governing the provision of information on network coverage, services offered, call charges and the handling of customer service processes. It also claims the operators have failed to meet its stiffer regulations concerning parameters on call completion and base station capacity. The country’s other two wireless operators Iusacell and Telefónica Móviles Mexico have thus far escaped Cofetel’s ire by successfully gaining injunctions to postpone the adoption of the new regulations. The two companies argue that Cofetel should not be allowed to exact the same quality goals for all operators and that the regime is likely to undermine the stability of the market.