Ofcom awards 5.8GHz Band C BFWA spectrum

6 Jan 2004

The UK’s new industry regulator Ofcom has announced the allocation of broadband wireless spectrum in the 5.8GHz range, in a bid to boost the availability of low-cost services in rural communities. Users wishing to sign up to the new service will require a terminal to receive the signal and, to encourage take-up of the service and the participation of ISPs, Ofcom proposes to charge a nominal fee of GBP1 per antenna, with a minimum charge of GBP50 per annum. ISPs will then recoup the outlay on equipment directly from subscribers as part of their ongoing costs. The new broadband fixed wireless access (BFWA) service, which is based on the 5.8GHz Band C spectrum and will be shared with the military and outside broadcast operators, will come on-stream from 5 February 2004.

United Kingdom