All the latest mobile handset banning news

2 Dec 2003

Yesterday’s controversial new law banning the use of mobile phones whilst driving in the UK has baffled motorists according to a survey by fledgling wireless start up Tesco Mobile. The survey found that almost 19 in 20 road users were unaware that they faced on-the-spot fines of GBP30 if caught using handheld phones whilst driving; if the matter goes to court a penalty of up to GBP1,000 can be imposed. Tesco claims that 94% of respondents were unaware of the law whilst 89% thought they could use a hands free kit legally, but were unaware that the handset is required to be in a cradle. Further confusion arose from legal definitions of driver and whether or not using a mobile whilst stationary in a vehicle fell under the new law’s jurisdiction.

In other mobile phone banning news from the US media: students at Virginia High School must keep their cellphones switched off and out of view in school grounds or face risk of suspension or expulsion, it was decided yesterday; fitness centres in La Crosse, Wisconsin yesterday banned mobiles from their locker rooms amid privacy fears over handsets doubling as digital cameras; and similar measures are being considered at Hawaii’s Kaiser High School where governors are concerned about the influence of camera phones on a dramatic upturn in exam scores, ‘It’s just another can of worms that technology has brought in,’ Vice Principal Anthony Gayer told local press.

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