ICE to reject GSM infrastructure bids

14 Nov 2003

The project development committee of Costa Rica’s state-owned telecoms monopoly ICE has urged its board to reject three proposals for the supply of GSM infrastructure from Motorola, Ericsson and Alcatel on the grounds that none of them meet its coverage requirements. The company has been mulling over the bids made by the three equipment suppliers – which offered to supply infrastructure for 600,000 lines for USD130 million, USD120 million and USD199 million respectively – since December 2002. According to the committee, ICE needs 95% coverage in San Jose as well as increased services in highways in rural areas, and should hold out for a proposal which can fulfil these requirements. Meanwhile, ICE has contracted Samsung to supply 84,485 DSL ports in a move which will enable it to progress with its advanced internet broadband project in the country.

Costa Rica