Nokia’s N-Gage launched

8 Oct 2003

Nokia’s much-hyped combined mobile phone and gaming device, the N-Gage, arrived in shops worldwide yesterday with the Finnish manufacturer saying that it expects to sell ‘several million’ units in the coming year. The N-Gage is intended to exploit the burgeoning potential of mobile phone gaming, expected to be worth as much as USD3 billion annually by 2007. It is also set to compete head-to-head with Nintendo’s Gameboy which monopolises the non-phone, portable gaming market. Analysts, however, are reserving judgment given that the N-Gage costs more than twice the price of Nintendo’s Gameboy Advance SP and has a far smaller range of games available; just ten on launch, rising to 20 by Christmas compared with its established rival’s 700-plus. In the UK the phone is retailing at around the GBP250 mark, whilst the US price is around USD300.