Telecom mulls technology switch

6 Oct 2003

According to reports from Dow Jones, Telecom is considering adopting GSM-based W-CDMA technology for its 3G network, in a move which would take it away from its 2G network standard, CDMA. Telecom, which shares roughly half of the New Zealand mobile market with Vodafone, has reportedly commissioned equipment makers Ericsson and Alcatel to undertake a planning exercise, looking at forgoing an upgrade of its CDMA network to 3G standard and instead replacing it with an entirely new network. The report claims Telecom’s planning exercise considers a number of scenarios, from building W-CDMA networks in main centers and negotiating with Vodafone for coverage around the rest of the country, to overlaying its own network with GSM, the standard Telecom passed over when it built its CDMA network.

New Zealand