Battle for pole position hots up

11 Sep 2003

The Czech arm of T-Mobile has set out its stall, confidently predicting that it will have more subscribers than current market leader EuroTel within two years, and exceed its profits within four. According to figures released by T-Mobile, at the end of June 2003 it had 3.6 million customers, lagging EuroTel by some 400,000. A third player, Oskar, claimed 1.34 million customers at the same date, taking the total number in the country to 8.94 million, representing a penetration rate of 90%. T-Mobile hopes to pick up the extra customers by improving the variety of services on offer as well as the introduction of a range of new tariff packages. It hopes to boost revenues by improving take up of data services such as SMS, mobile payments, ringtones and game downloads. It is also aiming to convert pre-paid card users to post-paid subscriptions by offering special deals to selected customer segments (such as students), on the proviso that they commit to a twelve month contract. A new pre-paid package called Twist Home has also been introduced to cater for the 700,000 foreigners living in the Czech Republic. Twist offers cheap rates for international calls, particularly to the Ukraine, Slovakia, Russia, Vietnam and China.

Czech Republic
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