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28 Jul 2003

Mobilefirst, a consortium of four Indian cellcos – BPL Mobile, RPG Cellular, Escotel and Spice Telecom – is preparing to launch an SMS marriage service, allowing customers to search for a prospective spouse via their mobile. ‘The marriage industry is one of the biggest in India,’ said Umang Das, Corporate Affairs Director at Spice Telecom. ‘With this service we expect revenues to go up by 10%.’

In Malaysia, cellcos appear to be much more concerned with the revenue potential of marriage break-ups over marriage set-ups. Local press reports claim that Malaysian men – and only men – can now divorce their wives via text message, following a ruling by an Islamic court. Islamic law permits a man to divorce his wife by declaring ‘I divorce you,’ three times. ‘SMS is just another form of writing,’ explained Hamid Othman, religious advisor to the Malaysian government.

If all that SMS heartache gets a bit much for you, what better way to vent your frustrations than by entering the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships? The fourth such event is scheduled to take place on 23 August in Savonlinna, Finland. Registration is ongoing and prospective phone-throwers can take part in either Original or Freestyle events – the latter awarding extra marks for both style and aesthetics. There is also a Junior category for under-twelves with a severe case of phone rage. Happy hurling.