PCS customers to choose long-distance carrier

8 Jul 2003

From Sunday a new ruling from Brazilian telecoms regulator Anatel will allow subscribers to PCS networks to select the long-distance operator of their choice through a multicarrier system. Anatel wrote the new model – a variation of the multicarrier dial-around format already in place in the fixed line arena – into the PCS spectrum licences. All operators with PCS operations, even those which are not exclusively operating under PCS licences, are required to have their non-PCS units operating under the new regulations by the end of the year. There are three exclusively PCS operators in Brazil – Vesper, Oi and Brasil Telecom – and three group which have limited PCS operations, namely Vivo, Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM) and Telecom Americas. Mobile subscribers of carriers affected by the new rule have 120 days to select a long-distance carrier, after which it will become necessary to dial a carrier code before making a long-distance call. The four companies without PCS holdings – BCP, Telemig Celular, Amazonia Celular and CTBC Telecom – are exempt from the new ruling for the time being. According to local analysts, the overall effect on operator’s balance sheets will be minimal, with companies expected to lose around 4%-6% of their long-distance revenues.

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