Marconi and BT sign broadband contract

1 Jul 2003

UK-based telecoms equipment supplier Marconi has announced a three-year deal with BT for the supply and installation of broadband exchange equipment. The contract was agreed after BT revealed plans to upgrade its network to migrate voice, data and internet services to a single platform. The telco signed up its one millionth broadband customer this month and hopes to connect five million businesses and consumers in the next few years to help deliver the UK government’s vision of a ‘Broadband Britain’. Marconi, which is currently emerging from restructuring after the near collapse of its business, was selected from a number of equipment suppliers worldwide, and will deploy its ‘Access Hub’ MSAN (multi-Service Access Node) which is capable of delivering multimedia and VoIP services more effectively. BT said that the contract would not have an impact before the end of 2003 as the new equipment needs to be installed. In the long term, however, the deal is thought to be worth tens of millions a year.

United Kingdom